Taranaki Taekwon-Do Established 1993
                                                        New Plymouth, New Zealand. 

Empowering students with skills and values through the ART of TAEKWON-DO, Building a more peaceful world. 

​In October 2015 Five members of the Taranaki TKD club attended a TUL TOUR that was organised by Master Zibby Kruk and his team at ITF Korea. It was the most incredible Taekwon-Do experience one could ever have. 

The Taranaki Taekwon-Do club are planning a ​​​TUL TOUR for 2019. We are open to other commited ITF Practitioners from New Zealand and around the world joining us. Contact us for further details.   
Culture Enlightening
These epic programs will take its participants to the historic places that inspired General Choi to create the Tuls.
The participants will feel the spirit of the Korean ancestors and feel enriched by practicing tuls amongst beuatiful Korean scenery.

Experience Korean Culture
Visit historic places in various locations in South Korea as well as participate in cultural activities to better understand Korean life.